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Language training on the job - corporate language courses for your team

Language training on the job - corporate language courses for your team

Foreign languages are becoming increasingly important in the world of work. Within certain subject areas, a sound knowledge of English or French is required today: Internationally active companies that maintain contacts in the USA or France rely on their staff speaking the appropriate language. A company that can participate globally is more competitive than one that is limited to a small regional market. International contacts can open new doors and promote partnerships or agreements between countries and companies. If a company can rely on the language skills of its team here, then exciting deals can possibly be made.

The language skills of employees are not only an advantage in individual business situations, they also represent the competence and willingness of a company to cooperate interculturally. Employees who are familiar with a particular language may also have studied the culture, traditions and customs of that country. They can behave confidently and competently towards any contractual partners and know what they need to pay attention to in their communication. Employees who speak a foreign language and know the appropriate manners have a positive effect on their respect and recognition. This in turn represents the company and can have a positive effect on entire business relationships.

For many companies it is therefore becoming more and more interesting to train their employees in the language. It is mainly the field of activity and the market that decide which languages are relevant for a company. In Europe, English and French continue to play a central role, as many companies operate via France, Belgium, England or the USA. But Spanish, Russian and Chinese are also on the rise, as they are spoken in countries where markets are growing rapidly and where there is enormous development potential.

In the company language course, employees are trained in on-the-job training. For companies, such courses offer various advantages, for example that they can have an influence on the course content and the concrete teaching topics or that they can form department-specifically determined groups, which they train together on site. On-site company language courses are also particularly efficient as they save your employees the trip to a language school or institute.

Are you interested in a company language course? No matter if German, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish or Arabic - at ILS we offer best quality at unbeatable prices! Our qualified language teachers have many years of experience in industry-specific language teaching and develop a concept tailored to your needs. Contact us for a free and non-binding consultation and arrange a trial lesson for your team today!

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